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A New Path in the New Year

Nazarene Bible College Christian Education New Year

During the beginning of a brand new year, one can't help but wonder what this New Year might have in store. There are undoubtedly events, challenges, people, and the simply unforeseeable on the horizon that will change Nazarene Bible College, and its students. Once a month the Nazarene Bible College faculty and staff join together in worship for our NBC family chapel. After the prolonged break, it was encouraging to start the New Year with a speech straight from our President, Dr. Harold Graves Jr. to start us on the right path.

It may seem like a persistent cliche, gathering for the retelling of one of our favorite and most inspiring tales, but in spite of the repetition, or maybe because of it, we all gathered to observe and absorb the Gift of the Magi. This however, was a surprising new prospective. It focused on their return home taking a new path. The retelling of the story was one that masterfully changed the listener's paradigm. Dr. Graves did a great job tying this into a message for all to utilize in the coming year, meaning where we are and what we need to do. Please, come see for yourself, join us via cyberspace in Strickland for the first NBC Family Chapel of 2011.

The story did well to adorn us with renewed purpose here at NBC. We all have our own reasons to why we are here, and just as Dr. Graves spoke in chapel, "I done it for love". That is how we feel about what we do for God's kingdom. We work to serve because of our trust and love for God and His plans for this world, not our own. In our New Year walks, and in everything we do, let us say, "I done it for love."

Filed Under: Blog Published: 01/07/2011

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