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Association of Christian Schools International Visits NBC

Christian School Higher Education Bible College

The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) assessment team visited Nazarene Bible College campus this week to evaluate our Christian School Education program. In order to continue our Bible College's approval by ASCI, we must be re-approved every seven years. This rigorous approval process includes providing proof that we continue to meet the critical need for our students to be well-trained, biblically sound teachers, administrators, leaders, and more for the kingdom work they perform. Although re-approval is around the corner, the process leading up to this point has been a culmination of decades of innovation and improvement due to our school's own commitment to exceeding expectations.

Accordingly, being approved by ACSI is something we take very seriously as it's what allows us to provide nationally recognized higher education. Through their approval, we can offer Christian degrees that meet the required and internationally accepted standards. ACSI looks for certain qualities such as, maintaining an "ongoing process of school-wide improvement and development through which the school strives for educational and spiritual excellence". Therefore, we must demonstrate in a five-step process that we deserve continuation of our approval. This higher education approval program team visit was the forth step in that process. The final step in the process is ACSI's decision and final stamp on the schools pending approval.

We always want the best for our Bible College students and go through extreme measures to insure that happens. With a motivated team, and God on our side, we promise that our campus and online Bible College will maintain outstanding Christian higher education programs that our students come to NBC in search of.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 01/21/2011

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