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dCourseWeb Wikipedia Page Launch

Nazarene Bible College dCourseWeb for Christian Education

Nazarene Bible College's creation, dCourseWeb, and as many of our Christian education online students know, is the Internet-based application NBC utilizes for our online education programs. Previously called dCourse, NBC online has been using this learning management system since 2002. One of the more apparent benefits of dCourseWeb is that it is an in-house platform, meaning that our Information Technology department possesses control. Fundamentally, when issues arise, we have the power to fix or make necessary changes rapidly. This has allowed NBC to eliminate nearly any unscheduled downtime to our online program since 2002.

As a unique learning management system, we decided to create a dCourseWeb Wikipedia page for those who may find it interesting to learn more about our online program. When NBC's online program began back in 1998, we lacked the ability to create our own in-house program, and therefore had to use a third party hosted solution. Now, with a much more capable data center, we have the ability to be the hosted solution for many other schools, providing flexibility to that which was initially outsourced. Just as NBC is here to serve our students called to ministry, we can be the host to others for a much lower cost than other high-profile solutions. This way, we can assist other like-minded institutions as they execute their call to service as well.

The creation of dCourseWeb is a huge factor in the success our online program has had over the years. It is customizable and convenient for both instructors and students making it extremely user friendly. In addition, it is constantly upgraded and allowed the opportunity to be improved upon, which keeps it the best technology for our students in this day and age. Yet again, NBC positions itself and its students on an elevated playing field, and provides its students further opportunity to excel in their God given purpose.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 02/11/2011

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