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Witness the Power of "The Grace Card"

The Grace Card - A Nazarene produced Christian Movie

A few months ago, our Nazarene Bible College blogger received a phone call from a promoter of the new movie out February 25, called "The Grace Card". They had been searching the internet to find Christian colleges with strong social media presences. NBC made the cut and the colleges Christian leaders were invited to attend a special pre-release showing. As soon as the phone call came in, researching what "The Grace Card" was became the first step. The trailer itself was so moving that the decision was clear, that this was worth seeing.

"The Grace Card" is a Christian based movie produced by the Calvary Church of the Nazarene, a church in Memphis, Tennessee. It is an inspiring tale of two cops and their families. One lost his son in an accident, and one aspired to pastor and grow a successful Nazarene church. The struggles of both cops as they learned the importance of grace, reconciliation, and forgiveness portrayed a realism many have experienced in real life. Both the non-believers and Christians went through their own separate trials and tribulations as they struggled to reach out and understand one another. However, through everything, we must never underestimate the power of God's love, and never forget, "For it is by grace you have been saved..." Ephesians 2:8 (NIV).

This story spoke to my heart due to the reality that during our lives, Christian's or not, no one is perfect. We all struggle with our own issues, and constantly face our own hurdles we desperately work to overcome. Movies usually portray Godly experiences as divine intervention or miracles, but to see it portrayed as God working profoundly through hearts and circumstances made it feel closer to home. NBC students are called here to do God's work, but it doesn't always mean it's going to be easy. However, through God, all things are possible.

In conclusion, the power of grace and forgiveness is incredible, and as Dr. Tony Campolo, a well-known author said, "...grace provides the only real solution to the hostilities we often hold toward each other." The impact of this movie will be everlasting, and although it is not being released everywhere, this list of participating theaters is available so no one has to miss out on witnessing the power of grace and forgiveness. Let us start a movement and pray for those you may know who may need a little grace. When the struggles of life seem to get in our way, remember the lessons and importance of using that Grace Card, and let us use it on those who need it most.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 02/25/2011

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