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Remembering Kevin Beebe - An NBC Online Student

In memory of Nazarene Bible Colleges Christian education student Kevin Beebe

An online student of Nazarene Bible College's Christian education program named Kevin Beebe sadly passed away this past Sunday. After attending Mt. Vernon Nazarene University, he continued his Christian education at NBC where he was finishing is degree in Bible and Theology. Kevin was undoubtedly an incredible man of God and touched countless lives. His remarkable passion for music resulted in Kevin co-founding Break Free Ministries, a non-profit music ministry that spread the Word of the gospel through his music group called Life Saving Decision.

In high school, Kevin went through a life-changing event. It was something potentially unexpected; it led him to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. All the while his passion for music remained strong, but with a new heart and a new message to share. After transforming into a Christian Rap Artist, his passion became "sharing the Word through his music". Therefore, Break Free Ministries opened its doors and Kevin and his friend Aaron Thompson became record producers for Christian rock, rap, "Beat production" for rap, hip-hop, and pop artists.

One of his other passions included participating in deep theological discussion, which was likely a factor in his decision to pursue NBC's Bible and Theology major. Dr. James Russom, Director of Pastoral Ministries at NBC said, "We count it a privilege to have had Kevin as a student and to partner with him in his preparation for ministry." His calling to ministry was apparent, and he saw it through wholeheartedly until the end. Those who knew him recognize that he lived life to be proud of, and as someone recently said to me, "Our sorrow is Heaven's Joy". Although his time on Earth was brief, God was ready to call him home, and I have no doubt that he is up there sharing his gifts for all of Heaven to enjoy.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 03/11/2011

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