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How NBC Supports Our Christian Education Adult Students

Nazarene Bible Colleges Supports Our Christian Education Adult Students

Nazarene Bible College understands our adult students can experience obstacles during their Christian education. Being called into ministry as an adult can be difficult as many have considerably more responsibilities than traditional college and university students do. While trying to support and take care of family, work a regular job, and serve the Kingdom, one's own ministry calling may feel unreachable at times. However, our biblical college understands the importance of helping those callings become reality. Still, our students' manage to balance those responsibilities with school, which in my opinion, is an extremely underestimated talent. So thanks be to God! It never ceases to amaze that when He sees a need, He provides the resources to make it happen.

NBC works diligently to make attending college online or campus as convenient as possible for our students. To begin with, our online program allows students to work right from home at times that are convenient for them. As for campus, our night classes work well for adults who work days, our intensive courses pack regular length courses into just one weekend, and our advantage program can help students finish their degree in as little as two years by either attending one night class a week on campus, or by taking one class at a time online. However, there are still remaining factors that can play a part in a student's decision to attend NBC.

With that said, we also strive to provide quality college tuition and fee assistance through our financial aid department. Each year NBC offers a variety of amazing programs and scholarships meant to award and assist students to further their education. Military members, their spouses, and their children, are also offered exceptional educational opportunities through our available military scholarships. Additionally, we are currently accepting NBC Institutional Scholarship applications through our online scholarship application form, and the International Board of Education (IBOE) scholarship application that you receive by contacting the Financial Aid Office. The IBOE is administered through the Global Ministry Center of the Church of the Nazarene and their mission is to "serve as a dynamic worldwide consortium of Nazarene universities, colleges and seminaries to facilitate the mission of the Church of the Nazarene in making Christlike disciples and shaping leaders for local service and global impact".

In conclusion, we extend our support through avenues such as scholarships for a reason, to help those called to ministry fulfill that calling. Countless people and organizations support this mission; they assist in donating to our scholarship programs because they want to see our student's succeed in their ministries. These scholarships are open to all students, so contact our Financial Aid department, as they are there to assist you. However, please note that although we want to help all those seeking scholarships, we still need all applications by 5 pm on April 15, 2011 and cannot offer any exceptions after that date and time passes. Do not hesitate to take advantage of these opportunities; your success is our purpose.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 03/25/2011

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