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The NBC Guest Blog Experience

Nazarene Bible Colleges Guest Blogger Views on Christian Higher Education and Ministry Preparation

Nazarene Bible College is proud to feature Charlotte Angles in her very own Guest Blog. She is one of our two 1st place NBC Experience contest winners. We are thrilled to share her story and hope you enjoy.

Hello! My name is Charlotte Angles and I am a current NBC online student. Because I live in a rural area, my access to Christian higher education is limited. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to obtain a ministry degree that does not require me to move to a college campus.

When I first started with NBC, I was concerned that I might receive a second rate education because of the online format. I am nearing the end of my second year now and no longer have this concern. My courses have inspired my spiritual, academic, and relational growth. With each class, I am challenged to integrate faith with knowledge, to ask myself hard questions, and to season my words with grace and wisdom.

Classmates and professors have added much to my understanding of what it means to learn in community. Though we are not sharing the same four walls, we share a desire to learn and grow. This desire reaches beyond physical proximity and actually gives one the advantage of networking with other believers on the national and international level.

For me, NBC is quality Christian education that bridges the gap between ministry calling and ministry preparation.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 04/01/2011

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