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An Alumni's Tale of God's Will

NBC CAMS Christian Higher Education

Dr. Alan Lyke, Dean of Online Education, brought this week's blog to our attention. This story is about Nazarene Bible College Alumni Linda Francis as she expresses her experiences after graduating from NBC.

A few weeks ago, Nazarene Bible College alumna Linda Francis wrote to those on her prayer team about the obstacles confronting her at one of the churches she is planting in New Orleans. On April 10, 2011, Linda wrote:

"One of our house churches recently has been deeply troubled. So much so that we have not been able to hold services for a couple of weeks. I have prayed and fasted and after I again was not able to preach last week asked my local prayer partner to pray and fast with me and come to that particular service. I had actually asked several people to come, but only one was able to come.

We began the service by singing and then we just prayed. As we were praying we were interrupted by a suspected drug dealer who said that my car needed to be moved. I went out to move the car and found it did not need to be moved at all. As he said, oh I guess he is gone, his friends came out from behind the building and I saw someone called KD out of the corner of my eye pointing to me. A chill went down my spine. I came out of this life and I know what that means and it is not good.

I went back inside, began to preach, and was preaching from the book of Joshua. I talked about all that God did for the Israelites and what he expected from the Israelites. As I talked about the story of Achan and his sin and as I began to tell everyone that God will not let anyone take what is his, it was as if the Holy Spirit said to me, "This church belongs to me". I said over and over, with more authority each time, "The Lord will not let anyone take what is His" and I sensed the spirit of darkness leave, others came from the outside to join us and eventually KD did join us as well. I believe God is working in the situation, but I don't want to be stupid either by putting myself in a dangerous situation needlessly. So please pray for protection as wisdom."

Today, Friday May 13, 2011, Linda sent the following message to her prayer team, many of whom are NBC faculty and alumni. Here is the update:

"WAAAAAHOOOOOOO! The drug dealer is gone and the church again is reunited! Thank you for your prayers. It is sooooooo awesome to once again see our Lord do what we could not do! And it is a great joy to share this praise with you... Thanks you for your continued prayers. I am confident that this ministry would not be possible without them. Blessings, Linda."

This is just one story of how God is using NBC graduates to "evangelize, disciple, and minister to the world". Please keep Linda and the other members of your NBC family in your prayers.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 05/13/2011

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