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Check-in to NBC

Check-in to Nazarene Bible College

Facebook's innovative application called Facebook Places allows users to "Check-in" to a location. The apps purpose is to share where the user is, and what they are doing with their Facebook friends instantly right from their mobile phone. Previously, I tinkered around with the Check-in option and successfully checked-in to several places. A few weeks ago, Nazarene Bible College's Facebook page only had a spot listing how many people "Like" our page. Then one day, a new line appeared when we officially got our very first check-in.

In a short couple of weeks, NBC has gone from zero to ten check-ins. Now, when someone checks-in to NBC, that update appears on the Place page, your friends' News Feed, and your Wall. Essentially, it is just like being mentioned in a status update. Being the small Christian college we are, believe me when I say how truly special we feel to be referred to.

Since checking in is now a part of NBC and our fan page, we are curious... for those of you who have and do "Check-in" to Nazarene Bible College, what motivated you?

Filed Under: Blog Published: 06/10/2011

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