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Nazarene Bible College




Recalling Another Summer at NBC

Major Library Software Upgrade at Trimble Library

I would be mistaken to say that this summer at Nazarene Bible College was like any other summer I have experienced on campus. Even with the warm weather and beautiful daily thunderstorms, this summer brought changes, challenges, hardships, and blessings alike for the NBC family and those closely related to triumph over and be grateful for.

The summer began with each department completing their final preparations for the long awaited HLC visit. As many know, the site visit team decided to recommend, to the Commission, that NBC's accreditation as a Bible College be extended for 10 years, which is the maximum time allowed. In addition to our fantastic visit and review, it only reinstated our passion and motivated us to continue striving towards bettering ourselves. This has led to several innovations online and around campus including how we are now using our resources and facilities to better serve our growing religious community.

Sadly, we also experienced the untimely deaths of several NBC friends, and family. However, these events have most certainly only brought us closer together. In conclusion, while walking around Apostles Court this morning, I couldn't help but help but notice the trees beginning the change. Feelings of gratefulness coursed through my body for successfully making it through yet another summer. Our staff and students are also hard at work gearing up for the next set of courses and "hopefully mild" winter ahead. It can be easy to be caught up in the everyday routine, but try not to forget to look at the beauty around us each day. In the meantime, I will continue to put all my trust and faith in God and enjoy the remaining summers He has graciously given me.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 08/26/2011

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