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Hurricane Irene Affects NBC Family

Hurricane Irene Effects online Christian college

In our connected society, it did not take long to hear about Hurricane Irene blasting through the East Coast last week. Sadly, the storm left many areas devastated. Due to being a campus and an online college, we immediately knew there would be many of our students and instructors affected by the storm. Shortly after Irene passed, emails began coming in explaining the very different and unique stories each experienced and was currently going through. After learning that not one of the emails shared tragic news, all I can say is praise God.

As an online Christian college, not only do we constantly strive to keep connected with our students but also, our programs are designed around the concept to ensure our students get the best education possible over the internet. Even though our programs require regular connection and participation, most of the times we fail to recognize how connected we all really are. Sometimes, it takes is a serious event to happen to make one realize the connection we share at NBC goes far beyond what is required. Almost instantly, concerned instructors updated us on their affected students along with concerned NBC staff members who checked on affected instructors.

Adjunct Instructor Rev. B. Leon Armstrong shared part of his experience with us, "On Saturday, after being encouraged by the camp director to do so, I moved our motor home from the normal camping area to an open space near the teen center. Yesterday, two trees fell where the motor home had been parked. One of the trees was about 18 inches in diameter. The front and middle of the motor home would have been crushed. Praise the Lord for His leadership in "small" areas of life. By time for the evening service, the wind had become calm and the sun was shining." Although NBC was not physically involved in the storm, we are happy to breathe a breath of fresh air and know that our extended family walked away from this storm safe. NBC will continue to pray for all those affected but, just as Leon ended his email, God is Good.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 09/02/2011

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