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Students - Check Your Degree Audit

A degree audit is your way of assessing your progress to degree completion. It's something all students should review at least once a trimester. The audit lists all of the courses needed to complete a degree, which courses have been completed, and which courses are remaining to be completed.

To access your customized audit, just log into the student portal at Once you have logged into the page, check that your current term (top left hand corner) is set correctly. If it is not set to the current term, simply click on the "change" link and select the correct term. Once the term is set correctly, click on the "Degree Audit Options" link on the left hand menu. Once the Degree Audit Options page appears, select "My Degree Audit" from the Options pull down menu. Then click on the blue "detail" link to the left of your degree listing.

It only takes a few minutes to check your audit, so give it a try today!

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 09/12/2011

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