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A Week in Paradise

NBC Faculty members, Professor Dave Church, Dr. Alan Lyke, Dr. James Russom and Professor Joe Warrington hosted a preaching seminar for the Salvation Army Crestmont Officers Training College in beautiful Rancho Pales Verdes, CA.

A Week in Paradise

The seminar was a full week of teaching, training, and preaching lab where the students learned a new homiletical method based upon And Stanley's book, "Communicating for a Change" and how to better connect with congregational life based upon "Preacher in a Hard Hat" by Jim Schmitmeyer.

Subjects included:

  • The Preacher – Dr. Alan Lyke
  • The Why and What of Preaching – Dr. James Russom
  • Exegetical Method for Preaching – Professor Joe Warrington
  • Moving from Exegesis to Sermon to Life Application – Dr. James Russom
  • Preaching and Leadership Development – Professor Dave Church

Open Discussion Forums on Preaching Ministry led by Professor Church with questions fielded by the NBC faculty members.

Dr. Alan Lyke also led the seminar in meaningful worship experiences. We ended the seminar built around "We Preach Christ" and special times of prayer. Crestmont presented special certificates to all the students as a part of that final session.

Feedback from those attending the seminar and from the Salvation Army leaders at Crestmont has been very positive.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 12/02/2011

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