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Ringing in the New Year at NBC

A Happy New Year sign.

As we reflect on 2011, most of us examine the trials and tribulations that we have experienced throughout the past year. This tends to be the starting point to improve ourselves and accomplish even more than we did in the previous year. A tradition is to dedicate ourselves to resolutions that we hope to aspire to and complete before the year is over. At the same time, most of us wonder just what the New Year will bring.

As NBC rings in the New Year, we are excited for what we know it will bring for our students, faculty, administration, and staff. We continually make it worthwhile for students to come to our dual accredited Bible College. As a Christian college, every year we strive to promote quality Christian education and show our students the benefits of our online education programs, as well as on campus learning.

We constantly look for new ways of teaching and helping students learn in the best ways possible. As an online Bible college we are always confronted with the challenge of keeping up with the newest technologies available. We do this by updating our teaching methods by implicating innovative and unique ways of learning. The programs we offer are designed to fulfill the needs of each individual student while at the same time, preparing them to minister to a world in need.

If you have wanted to pursue a God and Bible centered Christian education, NBC might be the right fit for you. Check out what Nazarene Bible College has to offer. Follow God’s call to service and start preparing for ministry today.

We pray that you will have a safe, successful, and blessed New Year.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 12/30/2011

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