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Alumni Update - January 2012

Dr. Harold B. Graves Jr.

Dr. Harold B. Graves Jr.

President's Update
Harold B. Graves Jr.
January 2012

Dear Almuni,

I bring you greetings from Colorado Springs and Nazarene Bible College in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This month I want to highlight two alumni that NBC has recently welcomed back to campus in strategic areas of ministry.

Dr. Gary Haines, a 1975 graduate of the college, has joined the recruiting staff of NBC with specific responsibility for nationwide recruiting within the Church of the Nazarene. As a 1975 graduate of the college, Gary has been an enthusiastic supporter of the school throughout his 38 years of active ministry as a tenured evangelist.

Dr. Gary Haines

For the last seven years, Gary has been the volunteer organizer and promoter of the annual G.B. Williamson Golf Tournament, which raises money for NBC student scholarships. Under his leadership, the tournament has achieved record numbers of sponsorships, golfer registrations, and funds raised.

"NBC saved my life," Gary said when first approached about joining the staff. "It will be like coming full circle to be able to share what the college has meant to me and my ministry and to encourage others who are called to ministry to get their education through my alma mater."

A well-respected evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene, Gary has been encouraged to continue to accept engagements to speak at revivals, camp meetings, and district assemblies. The college administration thinks Haines's service in these meetings will serve as an embodiment of the spirit of holiness ministry and servant leadership that is the hallmark of NBC. If you have names of potential students please contact Gary at

Rev. Tim McKeithen, a 2001 graduate of the college, has joined the college as Hispanic Ministries Coordinator. He will lead the college's efforts to develop baccalaureate programs designed to prepare men and women for effective Christian ministry within the Hispanic community. The tasks will include course development and translation; program oversight and assessment; and leadership and coordination of collaborative efforts with existing Hispanic ministry entities and Nazarene Bible College.

Rev. Tim McKeithen

Rev. McKeithen brings to NBC ten years of missionary experience in the Church of the Nazarene. Tim and his wife, Susan, served in ten countries in South America. His responsibilities included: Regional Discipleship Coordinator; Field Strategy Coordinator; District Superintendent; National Ministries Coordinator in Chile. He taught in a variety of theological education settings in the region. In addition, Tim served for five years as a tentmaker missionary and pastor in Barcelona, Spain.

Rev. McKeithen said, "I'm thankful and excited about this ministry opportunity. I know the Lord powerfully used NBC in my life to shape and mold me for His ministry, and I am pleased to be a part of His work at NBC impacting a group that already was in and on my heart (the Spanish speakers). Put the three loves together (God, NBC, and Spanish speakers), fulfilling my ministry call (to serve God in His church), plus allowing us to be near our aging parents (the only reason we felt God had us leave the mission field to come back to the Springs), and it sure seems like something only the Father could do! He IS an awesome God." For more information on the Hispanic Ministries Program contact Tim at

70% of our students come from referrals. The local church pastor, alumni, and current students are our best recruiters! If you know someone who is contemplating a call to ministry or is preparing for ministry, please let us know. We can help them! Send their name to the office of Dr. Laurel Matson, Vice President of Marketing and Recruitment:

Grace and Peace,


Filed Under: Communicator Published: 01/27/2012

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