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On The Road to Recovery


Laurel Matson, Vice President for Marketing and Recruiting, brought this week's blog to our attention. This is a short story about Nazarene Bible College Alumni Dennis Irwin.

A few weeks ago, we had received word from Dennis, that Harveyville United Methodist Church was destroyed in the horrific tornadoes that hit Kansas. Here is a brief story about Dennis and the Harveyville United Methodist Church:

Due to the amazing amount of volunteers and hard work of the residents of Harveyville, we have come a long way from the night of the tornado, of February 28th. Our town of 236 had about 18 or around 1/3 of the homes destroyed. We had two church members whose homes were totally destroyed and a couple with significant damage. We also lost our church, Harveyville UMC, and parsonage. We are currently holding church services at the local Odd Fellows hall, will begin meeting at the old grade school starting in May, and will be there until we rebuild. Fortunately, our church and parsonage were fully insured so, we can and desire to rebuild.

We have started the rebuilding process, which is a long one but we look forward to the rebuilding and having a new church to meet in that will better meet the needs of our community. In the rubble we found two almost complete stained glass windows. Our attendance has remained good and the congregation seems to have pulled together as a result of the disaster. The prayers of all the NBC students and staff are greatly appreciated.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 04/06/2012

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