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History of NBC - Question 15

Did you know that there are stunning stained-glass windows in the steeple of Strickland Chapel and Conference Center? These windows depict the Risen Christ, and his eleven faithful apostles who were empowered at Pentecost. Royal colors of beveled glass refract the sun's rays into a myriad of moods. If you go to the NBC web page you can get a closer look at the amazing stained glass images. Strickland Chapel was completed in 1995 and has been the location for many graduation ceremonies over the year. In the past several years, NBC has held their ceremony at Springs First Church of the Nazarene, down the hill from the campus, as it seats many more people.

What is the name of the room on campus that houses an extensive collection of items given to NBC by Dr. and Mrs. G. B. Williamson?

The first student to reply to Shari with the correct answer in Student Development at will win a prize.

The winner of last week's question was Jeff, from Minnesota. A prize will be mailed to Jeff. The answer to last week's question is the first three buildings erected on the NBC campus were: The Library-Administration Building (now Trimble/Sanders), the Classroom Building (now Leist Hall), and the Student Union-Food Service Building (now Williamson Center).

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 04/11/2012

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