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God's Journey for a Gifted Man


Faculty, student, and staff joined award-winning songwriter Dave Clark for the spring Songwriting Seminar. As everyone gathered around Dave with his impressive knowledge and understanding of music, they began to understand what a gift God has given this man for songwriting.

Dave always knew that God had called him to be a Songwriter. After graduating from High school at the age of 17, he moved to Nashville and started his journey as a songwriter. He left his home town of Jackson Michigan with a small amount of money in his pocket and the dream of being a songwriter.

Although the journey has been long and disheartening at times, Dave has never given up on the call that God has given him and for that, God has blessed his songwriting. He recently celebrated his 25th Number One song, and was awarded the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)'s 2009 Living Legend Award.

About 3 years ago, Nazarene headquarters in Kansas City called and asked if Dave was open to joining Lillenas Publishing Company as director of creative development, publishing, and the A & R. (artist and repertoire). Working there for the past 3 years has given him great joy in mentoring young writers and creating new songs that impact the church in unbelievable ways.

We are happy to say that in a few weeks, Dave Clark will be Graduating from NBC. He never believed he would be graduating, but his dream has come true. He will be among many other graduates and their honored families at this year's ceremonies.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 05/04/2012

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