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Nazarene Bible College Prayer Week November 5-11

This week Nazarene Bible College students around the world will be praying for revival in our nation, and prayer needs submitted by churches during the last few weeks. For most of October the NBC Call Center has been calling every local Nazarene church in the USA asking that prayer requests be sent to us. Many requests have been received.

NBC students, staff, faculty, and adjuncts have been asked to volunteer to pray during one or more hours of the week of November 5 through 11. At this moment individuals have volunteered to pray during 308 hours. That means that around the clock one to five individuals from NBC will be praying for requests from individuals, families, and churches! That is exciting!

Our call center is still busy making calls asking for prayer requests. We anticipate that more requests will be submitted before Prayer Week is over. Again, individuals are asked to remind or inform pastors of this important week of prayer.

On campus, we will also have a printout of all requests in the prayer chapel above the kitchen in Williamson Hall. Online students and faculty will be sent about 10 requests for which they can pray during their hour(s) of prayer. If you would like to send in a prayer request or volunteer to join other individuals praying send that information to Let's make this an important week of prayer for revival in our nation.

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 11/05/2012

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