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NBC Christmas Party-2012

Beautifully Decorated Dinner Table

This past Friday the annual NBC Christmas Party was held in the beautiful Strickland chapel. President Harold and Cheryl Graves hosted this amazing Christmas get together for the faculty, staff, and their spouses to enjoy.

Upon entering you were greeted by the sweet smelling scent of candles and desserts. As soon as everyone walked in they were instantly drawn to the beautifully decorated tables. Every table was set with a different décor and center piece by a member of the NBC family.

After walking around and looking at all the beautifully and creatively decorated tables. We enjoyed fellowship with one another while enjoying the wonderfully prepared dinner and desserts.

The Burchfield Brothers provided the entertainment for the night. This unique duo from Nashville, Tennessee filled the room with captivating entertainment of music and mixed with light hearted humor. We got a brief history of how they got called to the music industry and their love for music.

It's a great feeling to look back and realize what a great group of people it takes to make such a historical legacy. We are all very thankful to have a great leader like President Graves. It was a night filled with fun, laughter, and fellowship. Thank you President Graves, Cheryl and the volunteers for such a wonderful night and all the blessings God has given us.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 12/14/2012

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