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Nazarene Bible College





Book Orders

Make sure you order your books for the Fall B session by 9 am (MDT) on September 11 so you get them on time. Ordering now will help you avoid paying extra shipping costs for last minute delivery. Order today!

Once you have placed a book order, you should receive an immediate receipt on your screen and another one in your email account. If you don't see a receipt with a book order number in the upper right corner, your order was not processed successfully.

Please call the Bookstore directly at 719-884-5111 or 719-884-5115 if you do not receive your receipt or if you have questions about your book order.

Used Textbooks

Trimble Library has some used textbooks for sale on a first-come basis. Textbooks for Fall, Winter, and Spring Trimesters, and some Online courses are available for purchase at deep discounts. Please email the Circulation Desk at Trimble Library with the title/author of the book you need to see if it is available. No phone calls, please. Email allows us to date your request and answer promptly. The email address is

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 09/09/2014

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