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Nazarene Bible College




Are You Interested in Missions?

NBC is considering offering “Foundations of Missions” on campus next Summer 2016.

  • This class would be offered in a 5 week format.
  • Interested students would be required to be on-campus for two nights a week.

This opportunity is based solely on level of interest. If there is not enough interest from the student body, the option will not be offered at all.

The course description is as follows:

OTR-2023 Foundations of Missions (3)
An introduction to the study of Christian missions. Consideration is given to: the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of missions; the call, personal qualifications, and selection of missionary personnel; the relation of the missionary to the church; and the nature and objectives of missionary service.

This class is ideal for anyone needing elective courses for their program.

If you’re interested or want more information, contact your academic advisor right away to determine if you are eligible for this opportunity!

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 05/28/2015

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