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Nazarene Bible College


Our Beginning

Our Beginning
  • This appears to be a great spot for God's work to take place. Download Original This appears to be a great spot for God's work to take place.
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  • This appears to be a great spot for God's work to take place.
  • A lone sign stuck out in the boonies.  This picture was likely taken from Academy Blvd.
  • The sign reads, Future Site of ... Nazarene Bible College - Holy Bible: My Words Shall Not Pass Awa
  • The site survey team getting things started.
  • Surveying the site.
  • More site surveying.
  • This may be the architect and the survey engineer going over some details.
  • Here are the faithful arriving for the ground breaking ceremony.
  • This picture was taken just before the start of the ground breaking ceremony and is perhaps the fir
  • Waiting for the event to start.
  • Preparing for the ground breaking ceremony.
  • This are the shovels that will be used for the official grand breaking.
  • Worshiping during the ground breaking ceremony.
  • The ground breaking ceremony in progress.
  • This may be Dr. Williamson speaking.
  • There appears to be a good turnout with seventy or more in attendance.
  • This was the best picture we could find of them actually breaking ground.
  • Construction company trailers arrive on site.
  • The first erected building on the site was this tool shed.
  • The deep cuts begin.
  • Here they are grading the site which is very important for a future school of higher education.
  • The very early stages of ground preparation.
  • A landscaper hard at work.
  • This appears to be a picture of Leist's foundation preparation.
  • This is likely another shot of the foundation preparation for Leist.
  • This is likely Leist's foundations.
  • Preparing the way for Williamson and Fireside.
  • This appears to be the administration building's foundation.
  • Forms being placed for the basement concrete walls.
  • Timbers arrive on site that will be used for bracing walls.
  • The load from this ready-mix truck will be used for basement walls.
  • Here they are pouring the basement walls in the administration building.
  • Poured foundation walls start to take form.
  • The skeleton of the top of the administration building is being built in this shot.
  • Scaffolding was used while the rock facing was applied to the block walls.
  • Some walls and a roof on Leist.
  • This is a picture of Leist from about where the administration building now stands.
  • This is the administration building's corner retaining wall with Leist in the background.
  • Leist on the left and they are just starting to build Williamson on the right.
  • A shot of Leist, from the parking lot side, with its rock walls up and the roof being worked on.
  • Supports continuously hold the walls in place until the tie beams are connected.
  • Leist with the first walls of Williamson being put up.
  • This is Leist while still being shingled and Williams still without its roof.
  • Here is Leist in the foreground with more of Williamson's walls going up in the background.
  • Here are Williamson and Fireside with their walls up and Leist with its roof already on.
  • This is a great picture of the loading dock area during constructions of the Williamson building.

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