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Nazarene Bible College


Campus Courses

Campus Courses

Fall 2018-2019

Session Campus - Starts August 6th

Course ID Course Name Instructors
BIB3063 Book of Acts TBA
BIB4092 Senior Ministry Integration TBA
OTR4013 Developing a Missional Church TBA
PAS2013 The Practice of Christian Ministry TBA
PAS3033 Christian Preaching I TBA
PAS4092 Senior Ministry Integration TBA
PSY4001 Personal Development TBA
PSY4013 Life Cycle Counseling TBA
PSY4111 Laboratory in Individual Counseling TBA
PSY4113 Theory and Practice of Individual Counseling TBA
REQ4000 Graduating Colloquium TBA
SPE3003 Oral Interpretation TBA
THE3013 Introduction to Christian Thought TBA

Winter 2018-2019

Session Campus - Starts November 12th

Course ID Course Name Instructors
BIB2013 Pentateuch TBA
BIB4023 New Testament Exegesis TBA
PAS3023 Pastoral Care and Counseling TBA
PAS3043 Christian Preaching II TBA
PHI3013 Philosophy and Christian Ethics TBA
PSY4023 Psychopathology and Pharmacology TBA
PSY4083 Leadership TBA
PSY4211 Laboratory in Group Counseling TBA
PSY4213 Theory and Practice of Group Counseling TBA
THE3023 Systematic Theology I TBA
THE4011 Theology and Therapy I: An Integration TBA

Spring 2018-2019

Session Campus - Starts February 25th

Course ID Course Name Instructors
BIB3023 Poetic and Wisdom Literature - Starts March 4th TBA
PAS3013 Worship - Starts March 4th TBA
PAS3053 Christian Preaching III - Starts March 4th TBA
PAS4023 Church Administration and Finance - Starts March 4th TBA
PSY4033 Current Issues in Counseling - Starts March 4th TBA
PSY4311 Laboratory in Family Counseling - Starts March 4th TBA
PSY4313 Theory and Practice of Family Counseling - Starts March 4th TBA
THE3033 Systematic Theology II - Starts March 4th TBA
THE4021 Theology and Therapy II: An Integration - Starts March 4th TBA

Summer 2018-2019

Session Campus - Starts May 27th

Course ID Course Name Instructors
PSY4053 Professional Issues in Counseling TBA
PSY4805 Christian Counseling Internship TBA