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Campus Courses

Campus Courses

PAS4092 - Senior Ministry Integration

Course Description

A course taken during the senior year designed to integrate classroom learning with practical ministry experience. Students engage in 100 hours of supervised, hands-on ministry activities over a period of two consecutive academic terms, earning two semester credits. Individualized learning contracts defining the specific objectives and ministry activities are determined by the student, pastor mentor, and faculty supervisor in conjunction with established course requirements. Prerequisite: Completion of at least 96 credit hours.

Course Objectives

The following learning objectives will be achieved by this course:

  1. To integrate classroom learning with ministerial practice.
  2. To provide on-the-job training in a variety of ministry experiences.
  3. To allow students to evaluate their ministry commitments and competencies.
  4. To encourage the student's personal and professional growth.
  5. To develop ministerial style through observation and interaction with Pastor models.
  6. To foster ways for the academic and the practical to synergize.

The following are Competencies for Ministry as outlined in the Sourcebook on Ordination USA that will be addressed in this course:

Personal Growth
The development of a portfolio for assessing personal growth in character. This portfolio would include periodic self-assessment and assessment by significant others. These assessments would evaluate the minister in the "BE" categories.

  1. CH 2: Ability to discern and make ethical decisions in the midst of a complex and/or paradoxical context within a Wesleyan framework
  2. CH 3: Ability to practice a moral pastoral leadership, informed by philosophical and theological ethics
  3. CH 7: Ability to demonstrate a realistic self-understanding including personal strengths, gifts, weaknesses, and areas of needed growth.
  4. CX 4: CX4 Ability to analyze and describe congregations and communities.
  5. CX 6: Ability to analyze and describe the ministry context in light of its local history.

Note: Other competencies based upon ministry projects chosen by the student and approved by the pastor/mentor and SMI Director may also be achieved especially as it could relate to working in a special culture or sub-culture.


Course Prerequisites

Completion of at least 96 credit hours.

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