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Nazarene Bible College


Campus Courses

Campus Courses

PSY4001 - Personal Development

Course Description

An experience in which the student will have a minimum of ten individual counseling sessions with a licensed therapist. This offers the student the opportunity to experience the role of a counselee and to address her or his personal mental health issues.  The student will keep a journal of the experience and submit a reflective report to the program chairperson.

Course Objectives

  1. To provide a face-to-face opportunity to experience a therapeutic encounter.
  2. To access  experientially a  variety of therapeutic theorems, techniques, and methodologies as a client.
  3. To explore the student’s own mental, emotional, and behavioral concerns.
  4. To introduce, when appropriate, significant family members of the student to an understanding of the counseling dynamic.
  5. To learn effective therapeutic forms of application to a life issue.
  6. To affirm a Christian worldview of counseling from a declared professional Christian counselor.
  7. To reflect on the merits of counseling by actively journaling each session.

Campus Courses