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Online Courses

Online Courses

EDU4673 - Methods in Teaching Science

Course Description

A course focusing on current trends, strategies and materials for teaching science in the elementary classroom. Science standards will be presented with emphasis on a project-based science instruction approach. Current research in teaching methods will be explored and interdisciplinary teaching techniques presented.

Course Objectives

The following outcomes will be accomplished through this course:

  1. Define science and explore its place in creation, life, and the curriculum.
  2. Define a personal scientific self and develop reflective teaching skills.
  3. Survey the core concepts in the science curriculum.
  4. Distinguish between constructivism and the traditional approach to teaching.
  5. Discover what it is to be a mediator and how it applies to teaching science.
  6. Distinguish between science activities and a science lessons.
  7. Explore ways to manage the science classroom, and teach the skill of scientific study.
  8. Explore the use of technology, collaboration, models, and kits in the science classroom.
  9. Recognize the complexities of classification.
  10. Explore ways to extend the lesson in order to pursue ideas and questions that arise.
  11. Understand the terms assessment and testing as they apply to science.

Online Courses