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Online Courses

Online Courses

EDU4611 - Introduction to Christian School Education

Course Description

This course is taught in conjunction with EDU4623 and orients the student to the Christian School Education program. The student will become acquainted with lesson planning, portfolio development, professional and state standards, and professional organizations.

Course Objectives

The following intended learning outcomes will be achieved by this course:

  1. Develop a working knowledge of the Christian School Education degree program, class structure, objectives, and philosophy.
  2. Survey development and scope of Christian school education in the United States and internationally.
  3. Overview education from a historical viewpoint.
  4. Identify important trends, individuals, and movements in education.
  5. Develop a working knowledge of education vocabulary.
  6. Identify purpose for components of a lesson plan.
  7. Survey professional organizations and resources for teachers.
  8. Develop and evaluate a lesson plan.
  9. Develop a working knowledge of the Christian School Education assessment plan and procedures.
  10. Demonstrate ability to prepare materials using the Christian School Education lesson plan and portfolio templates.

Online Courses