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Online Courses

Online Courses

EDU4643 - Classroom Management

Course Description

An in-depth study of classroom management principles for elementary teachers. Topics include proactive strategies, teaching new behaviors, strengthening existing behaviors, maintaining changed behaviors, and reducing or eliminating undesirable behaviors. Students will learn how to observe behavior, collect data and use it in decision-making, develop programs for behavioral change, and counsel with parents and students.

Course Objectives

  1. Understand the classroom as a community of learners and develop strategies to build productive relationships with students.
  2. Develop strategies to facilitate whole class activities, manage individuals and groups of students, effectively intervene when students break norms or rules.
  3. Investigate a variety of classroom management techniques to help maintain an environment in which students develop self-regulation and self-direction.
  4. Analyze classroom management methods for use in a case study.
  5. Develop strategies for managing problem behaviors in the classroom.
  6. Develop effective classroom management strategies for learners with special needs.
  7. Identify essential skills necessary for managing the learning environment in the classroom.

Course Prerequisites

Child Development or equivalent course (transfer)

Online Courses