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Nazarene Bible College


Online Courses

Online Courses

REQ2000cse - Ministry Progress Review - CSE

Course Description

This course is specifically designed for Christian School Education (CSE)students.
It prepares the student for a phone interview designed to measure a student's progress in the preparation for their chosen field or ministry.
Requirements for admission to the CSE Cohort year will also be completed during the course.
Traditional students and Advantage students will complete this requirement before entering the CSE Cohort year.

Course Objectives

The Learning Outcomes for this intervention are:

  1. Enhance the sense of being a part of the NBC community and Christian Education program
  2. Review educational and career goals
  3. Understand CSE program information necessary for the successful completion of the degree
  4. Provide for student encouragement by peers and graduates
  5. Complete reflection assignments and requirements to prepare for the interview and admission to the Christian School Education Cohort
  6. Participate in the Christian Education Cohort/Ministry Progress Review interview


Online Courses