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Online Courses

Online Courses

EDU4682 - Educational Issues and Applications II

Course Description

EDU-4672/4682 Educational Issues and Applications I and II(4)

An opportunity for students to investigate issues in education and apply learning in various educational settings. Topics may include curriculum development, academic interventions, assessment, or innovative educational programs. Students will be required to complete a standardized teaching exam and portfolio. (May be taken in place of EDU-4692/4792 with permission of the Christian School Education Director, but does not meet the ACSI student teaching requirement.)

Course Objectives

The following intended learning outcomes will be achieved by this course:

  1. Summarize the characteristics of an educational setting
  2. Analyze a particular issue within an educational setting
  3. Research, analyze, and synthesize literature related to a particular issue
  4. Set goals and develop a plan to address an educational issue
  5. Implement a plan within a specified time frame
  6. Assess the effectiveness of the plan following implementation

Online Courses