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Online Courses

Online Courses

BIB3043 - General Epistles

Course Description

An exegetical study focusing on the historical, literary, and theological dimensions of the general epistles in the New Testament. Prerequisites: Introduction to the New Testament and Biblical Interpretation.

Course Objectives

The following learning objectives will be achieved by this course:

  1. To seek to understand the Christian message in its first environment through exegetical analysis of the historical, cultural, literary, and theological issues in the texts.
  2. To establish the principles of the Christian message which were being taught in these texts and interpret their significance for today.
  3. To trace the tensions within, and the problems faced by, the earliest Christian congregations as they are revealed in this group of writings.
  4. To trace the process by which the Church changed from a predominately Jewish Christian to a predominately Gentile Christian community with an emphasis on the contribution of the Jewish Christian values to the early Church.

Course Prerequisites

Introduction to the New Testament and Biblical Interpretation.

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