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Online Courses

Online Courses

EDU4681 - Integrating Reading and Literature III

Course Description

An advanced course to analyze and research literature for children and adolescents along with ways to integrate literature in content areas while teaching both efferent and aesthetic reading skills. (Students will choose assignments with either an elementary or a secondary emphasis.)

Course Objectives

This course will meet the following objectives:

  1. Develop strategies for helping students enjoy poetry.
  2. Distinguish between various types of poetry.
  3. Understand appropriate strategies for helping students write poetry.
  4. Differentiate between various types of contemporary realistic fiction.
  5. Develop resources for choosing appropriate books and ways to utilize them in the classroom.
  6. Develop strategies for using contemporary realistic fiction in the classroom.
  7. Develop skill in evaluating historical fiction.
  8. Become familiar with the five types of historical fiction.
  9. Develop strategies for using historical fiction in the classroom.
  10. Explore resources for biographies and biographical information.
  11. Appreciate the inspirational nature of biographies and autobiographies.
  12. Develop and understanding of the characteristics of quality multicultural literature.
  13. Explore the diverse types of multicultural literature.
  14. Discover the growing trend toward publishing international literature for children.
  15. Identify literary elements.
  16. Create a balance in literature instruction and enjoyment.

Online Courses