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Nazarene Bible College


Administrative Services

Administrative Services
Dedicated Faculty


Faculty members and administrators have an open-door policy toward all students for encouragement, prayer, and guidance.

  • The president of the college is readily available to students.
  • The vice president for academic affairs advises students regarding their general educational plans, choice of programs, vocational planning, curricular problems, difficulties with study, and withdrawals from college.
  • The admissions office, under the direction of the vice president for enrollment management, assists students in application and acceptance to the college.
  • The academic advising office advises students regarding enrollment in their academic programs.
  • The vice president for finance advises students regarding tuition, expenses, and emergency assistance.
  • The director of financial aid gives guidance relating to veterans assistance, student aid programs, and scholarships.
  • The registrar assists students with academic records, credit transfer, and attendance policies.

Counseling Services

Counseling resources are provided to students in a variety of ways. Faculty members, administrators, and staff seek to be models of Christian care to all students and try to be alert to student needs.

Food Service

A deli is available in the bookstore in Williamson Center. Light meal items, drinks, and snacks are available during breaks and between classes. For more information about Bookstore hours, visit the bookstore online.

Housing Services

Although the college does not provide dormitories or on-campus housing, a wide variety of housing is available in Colorado Springs. The student success office works with community apartment managers and homeowners in assisting students to secure housing. This office provides students a list of currently available housing in the area. Housing opportunities listed in The Gazette of Colorado Springs can be accessed on the Internet at


A full-service bookstore is located on the ground level of Williamson Center. The hours of operation are scheduled to serve the needs of the learning community. Furthermore, ordering books from the bookstore has never been easier; active students have complete access to both campus class and online class book lists once logged into While there, they can add required books to the shopping cart; then, easily and securely make an online payment, charge them to their financial aid, or inform the bookstore that they will be paying by check or other means.

Employment Services

The student success office maintains an updated list of job openings and principal employers of Nazarene Bible College students. Employment opportunities listed in the classified section of The Gazette of Colorado Springs can be accessed on the Internet at

Since the securing of both housing and employment is usually dependent upon the student’s presence in the city, prospective students are urged to arrive at least two months before the school term begins. If possible, persons licensed in specialized fields such as plumbing, nursing, and teaching should secure Colorado certification before arrival.

Sponsorship Program

The student success office administers a sponsorship program to assist incoming local students in their transition to Colorado Springs. Current students volunteer housing for a temporary period of time for incoming students. Additionally, these volunteer students assist the incoming student and his/her family in locating shopping areas, doctors, dentists, as well as potential housing and jobs.