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Nazarene Bible College


Alumni and Friends

Alumni and Friends

Information for Visitors

Nazarene Bible College is located in Colorado Springs, CO. By air, you may reach Colorado Springs via the Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (COS) or Denver International Airport (DEN). COS is located less than 7 miles from NBC and is recommended for travel. Please see the following links for maps and additional information on travel to and from NBC. For basic information on visiting NBC including directions, attractions, hotels and restaurants, see what is nearby.


Open Doors for Students

Money donated to the college impacts students in a variety of ways. For example, the cost of tuition at NBC is lower per hour than it is in many other private colleges or universities. A primary reason for this is the level of denominational support that the college receives, which includes money from the Annual Offering. Your donations also provide buildings and state-of-the-art technology for students. Learn more about donating.

Open Position

There is an open position at Nazarene Bible College.

Current Job Listing

News and Events

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Guiding to Become Innovator Leaders

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