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Nazarene Bible College



Dr. Harold B. Graves Jr.

Dr. Harold B. Graves Jr.

President's Greetings

Welcome to our web site. You have found the global technological front door to our campus.

Since 1967 Nazarene Bible College has fulfilled its mission of preparing men and women for ministry. Our alumni now serve in all fifty states and sixty-five countries.

As God calls men and women to ministry, we believe that call is a call to biblical and ministerial preparation.

NBC offers a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry degree with majors in:

A two-year Associate of Arts in Ministry degree with concentrations in:

Let me encourage you to make your next visit beyond our web site. I invite you to visit our Colorado Springs campus. Attend chapel, sit in on a class with our students. Visit with our committed faculty and staff. Then pray and meditate as you stroll through the Apostles Court.

Our purpose is clear: Nazarene Bible College exists to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord by preparing adults to evangelize, disciple, and minister to the world.