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Nazarene Bible College


Christian Educational Ministries

Christian Educational Ministries





The B.A.Min. degree with a Christian Educational Ministries major is the primary degree offered to persons who wish to prepare for service as minister of Christian Education in a local church congregation.

Christian Educational Ministries


The mission of the Christian Educational Ministries major is to equip students to be effective leaders of those educational ministries of a local church, denomination, or parachurch organization that will result in people accepting Jesus as their personal Savior, experiencing entire sanctification, growing continually in Christlikeness, and developing their own gifts to participate in the ministry of God’s kingdom. To accomplish this mission, the program seeks to achieve the following specific outcomes.

In completing this program, the student will be able to:

  • Commit to fulfilling the essential role of Christian educational ministries in the mission of the Church.
  • Apply sound biblical, educational, historical, and administrative principles and practices that result in persons accepting the Christian faith, developing a Christlike lifestyle, and participating in Christ’s mission in a variety of ministry environments.
  • Identify and implement programs that will meet the educational needs and goals of a local church, denomination, or parachurch organization.
  • Develop a biblically-based, comprehensive philosophy of Christian educational ministries that reflects sound educational theory and practice.
  • Develop an educational ministries team that effectively and efficiently meets its ministry objectives.

Program Requirements (Traditional Structure)

General Education Core Requirements

Course Course Description Hours
  45 hours
ENG-1013 English Composition I 3
ENG-1023 English Composition II 3
ENG-1043 Classical Literature 3
GEN-1003 Lifelong Learning Skills 3
HIS-2013 Western World/Ancient & Medieval Times 3
HIS-2023 Western World/Emerging Modern Society 3
MTH-1003 General Mathematics 3
PAS-1013 Introduction to Christian Service 3
PAS-1023 Spiritual Formation 3
PHI-3013 Philosophy and Christian Ethics 3
PSY-1013 Introduction to Psychology 3
SCI-2013 General Physical Science 3
SOC-1003 Introduction to Sociology 3
SPE-1003 Principles of Public Speaking 3
THE-3013 Introduction to Christian Thought 3

Bible and Theology Core Requirements

Course Course Description Hours
    30 hours
BIB-1013 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
BIB-1023 Introduction to the New Testament 3
BIB-2003 Biblical Interpretation 3
BIB-2013 Pentateuch 3
BIB-2033 New Testament Gospels 3
BIB-3013 Hebrew Prophets or 3
  BIB-3023 Poetic and Wisdom Literature or 
  BIB-3123 O.T. Historical Books  
BIB-3053 Pauline Epistles or BIB 3063 Book of Acts 3
THE-2013 Doctrine of Holiness 3
THE-3023 Systematic Theology I 3
THE-3033 Systematic Theology II 3

Courses Specific to the Christian Educational Ministries Major

Course Course Description Hours
    38 hours
  Electives or Minor Courses 15 hours
CEM-2003 Intro. to Christian Educational Ministries 3
CEM-2113 Found. for Christian Educational Ministries3
CEM-2123 Teaching Methods and Curriculum Design 3
CEM-3113 Children's Ministries 3
CEM-3123 Youth Ministries 3
CEM-3133 Adult Ministries 3
CEM-4113 Multiple Staff and Team Ministries 3
CEM-4133 Leadership of Christian Educational Ministries3
CEM-4092 Senior Ministry Integration-CE Ministries 2
MUS-1143 Music Ministries I-Introduction 3
OTR-2013 Global Evangelism 3
PAS-2023 History and Polity of the Church of the Nazarene3
PAS-4023 Church Administration and Finance 3

128 hours total required for graduation

Completion of the Christian Educational Ministries major fulfills educational requirements for ordination as deacon in the Church of the Nazarene.

Students should note that the individual districts in the Church of the Nazarene have autonomy in determining which courses fulfill the educational requirements for ordination. Students should consult with their respective district ministry board to determine what courses are required for ordination by that district