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Nazarene Bible College




Winter 2015 Campus Course Offering Old Testament Exegesis: Genesis

Dr. Tom King will be teaching a course on “Old Testament Exegesis: Genesis” on campus during the Winter 2015 trimester. This course will be an exegetical study focusing on the historical, literary, and theological dimensions of the book of Genesis. Any interested student who has…

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Are You Interested in Missions?

NBC is considering offering “Foundations of Missions” on campus next Summer 2016. This class would be offered in a 5 week format. Interested students would be required to be on-campus for two nights a week. This opportunity is based solely on level of interest. If…

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Mailbox for Campus Students

If you haven't checked your mailbox in Williamson Hall for awhile, be sure and do so. You might find correspondence from different campus offices or classwork from your instructors. If you are unsure of your box number, there is an alphabetical chart on the bulletin board in the mailroom.

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Registration is a two-step process:

  First Step - Annually: Click on the link in the "2015-2016 Recommended Course Schedule" email that your advisor sent to you. Review your schedule, indicate "Yes" or "No" to the suggested schedule, fill in your initials at the bottom and submit the form.

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