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Archived Entries

Archived Entries

Scribe and Scribe Mobile Released


NBC's Online Christian Education program has made some great strides over the last few months due to changing the way we use Web discussion tools. With all the positive feedback and recommendations from those using Scribe we have continued to make it better for our users. We have implemented new and improved features in Scribe adding additional options and creating a special mobile version.

Here are just a few great features that Scribe offers our students. Scribe saves lots time by taking care of all the setup requirements. It also automatically updates their class discussions, removing the need to manually update these at the start of each new session. Scribe allows them to switch from their PC at work to their Mac at home without having to remember where they were because it automatically returns them to where they left off.

One of the neatest features in Scribe is the Assignment button. This helps ensure that proper formatting requirements are observed. Students can simply paste in the assignment and/or question text into their respective fields, enter their responses and Scribe will format the assignment for them. It also includes a built-in word count feature that only counts their actual responses as is the policy. Using the preview button, they can see for themselves exactly how their assignment will look once it is posted.

Furthermore, Scribe Mobile helps to make the most of their time. When and wherever they have a few extra moments and an internet connect, they may now use Scribe Mobile, while still having access to nearly all of the features found in the desktop version. Scribe Mobile will work on multiple mobile platforms and devices while maintaining the same look and feel. For example, there is nothing new to learn when they switch from their iPhone to their Android tablet.

Filed Under: Blog Published: 02/03/2012

Archived Entries