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Online Courses

Online Courses

ENG1013 - English Composition I

Course Description

A study of the fundamental principles of sentence, paragraph, and essay composition, including a study of grammar, usage, and spelling. A proficiency essay is required for course credit. Prerequisite: Passing score on the placement test or pass ENG-0013 - Basic English Skills.

Course Objectives

The following learning objectives will be achieved by this course:

  1. Accepts the attitude that skillful writing, correct language usage, and correct spelling are necessary for the effective carrying out of his/her ministry.
  2. Acquires the habit of writing spontaneously and regularly in a journal.
  3. Masters the writing process skills of planning what to say and implementing how to say it.
  4. Demonstrates satisfactory progress in his/her ability to communicate ideas in clear and interesting written English.

The following competencies as outlined in the Sourcebook on Ordination: United States of America Edition, 2006 to meet the educational requirements for Ordination within the Church of the Nazarene will be achieved by completing this course:

  • Ability to communicate publicly through multiple methods (oral, written, media, etc.) with clarity and creativity for the sake of fostering meaning.(CP-1)
  • Ability to write clearly and in a grammatically correct manner in the modes of discourse used in the ministry.(CP-2)

Course Prerequisites

Passing score on the placement test or pass ENG-0013 - Basic English Skills.

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